Extra Thickness

Pieces of paper are woven together to mold a multi-layered business card. A customization detail that is unique and durable. A range of all colors can be explored; a simple line gives an accent that compliments the main design of the card. Go to Paper Stock to learn more.

Special Feature: UV Coating

UV coating is a beautiful detail with useful features. A glossy liquid is applied to paper then cured with ultraviolet light. This process creates a glossy, wet-like appearance. This seals the printed text, simultaneously, the cover becomes resistant to water absorption and protects the image from scratches. A long lasting piece for your first introduction.


A business card is your second face, so choosing the right paper is essential. For business cards we recommend 10 pt., 12 pt., or 14 pt., one sided stock. Generally, it is good practice to print on one sided gloss/matte stock. Go to Paper Stock to learn more.

business cards.jpg

Horizontal or Vertical

We make the template so you can design the perfect product.

Download it now: 2x3.5 (H) 3.5x2 (V)

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