Can I request a custom size?

Absolutely. Any rectangular shape is possible.

Will it affect the price?

If the size you are requesting wastes paper, slows down production speed, we will inform you and help you figure out the best solution.


What document file should I use for my artwork?

We prefer PDF files, but .jpg .jpeg .png .ill .indd files are acceptable too.

What document file should I use for the list?

The list should be either an .excel .csv or .txt files.


What do I need to mail my product?

You must have indicia and postage to mail your product.

What is Postage?

Postage is the payment for mailing, it can be a stamp, a label or printed on the envelope.

What is indicia?

Indicia is the permit #, addressing & return address printed on the envelope.

What is a permit?

A permit is used to store money to pay for the mailing services, primarily USPS.

Do I need my own permit?

Not at all! We have a permit so you don’t have to worry about it.

I want my own permit. Where do I get one?

If you absolutely, positively need your own permit, head over to USPS website to apply.


Do I get a discount if I work for a Non Profit organization?

Your organization can get a Non Profit discount if you qualify with the USPS regulations.


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