Perfect Binding

This is a simple way to make your product look professional. Turning your piece 3D opens new design possibilities, like the spine. The pages are glued together with the cover at the spine then trimmed. A good example is a paperback book. A booklet or a magazine of 20 pages + qualifies for perfect binding.

Special Feature: UV Coating

UV coating is a beautiful detail with useful features. A glossy liquid is applied to the cover then cured with ultraviolet light. This process creates a glossy, wet-like appearance. Simultaneously, it seals the ink, this makes the cover resistant to water absorption and protects the image from scratches. A long lasting piece, able to withstand even the farthest mailing routes if necessary.


The paper you choose will define your product. Recommended for catalogs and magazines that range in 10-20 pages, saddle stitching will work best with 80# or 100# stock. Generally, it is good practice to choose a heavier stock for covers and lighter paper for text pages. For covers, if UV coated and/or perfect bound, a heavier stock is recommended (100# or 10-12 pt). Go to Paper Stock to learn more.


Postage should be the easiest part of the printing and mailing process; we created a flat rate postage method. For only 26 cents a unit, you can ensure your message gets into the right hands, stress free.


Two standard sizes available

We make the template so you can design the perfect product.

Download it now: 11x8.5 8.5x5.5

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