Special Feature: UV Coating

UV coating is a beautiful detail with useful features. A glossy liquid is applied to the cover then cured with ultraviolet (UV) light. This process creates a glossy, wet-like appearance. Simultaneously, it seals the ink, this makes the cover resistant to water absorption and protects the image from scratches. A long lasting piece, able to withstand even the farthest mailing routes if necessary.


Postcards with photographs and text need smooth and durable paper. We recommend 12 pt. and 14 pt. paper stock. During the UV coating process the paper become thinner than its original point size, it is recommended to use 14 pt. if you choose to protect the cover.

Multi Purpose

The best and most popular item to communicate news with elegance. A postcard can be used in many ways: a congratulatory card with personalized envelope, a promotion for your business, an art gallery opening, wedding announcements, event information card, photography, and so much more. If you can think it, it can go on a postcard. Be creative and bold with a statement piece that doesn’t fail anyone.


Postage should be the easiest part of the printing and mailing process; we created a flat rate postage method. For only 26 cents a unit, you can ensure your message gets into the right hands, stress free. For mailing, we recommend C1S paper, to print the image on the coated side and the text on the matte side. The printed addresses will adhere to the un-coated side better and photographs are best visualized on a smooth coated side.

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